Just as you head out of the city and make the short drive towards the mountains, Evergreen Colorado is a little slice of paradise that offers the most serene backdrop. Whether Elterra clients are enjoying a hack through the expansive turnout fields or schooling over a freshly set course- horse and rider can enjoy all that living in beautiful Colorado has to offer. 

evergreen, colorado


In addition to the picturesque mountainous setting, Elterra clients can take advantage of a world-class barn equipped with a heated indoor arena, climate-controlled lounge & viewing area, an expansive tack room with high-quality shelving & cabinetry to keep all of their equipment safe & organized- and that's just for the rider! Each horse enjoys large stalls that provide ventilation throughout the year, hot & cold wash rack, insulated grooming stalls, and access to the very best turnout in the greater Denver area.

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